Online Training

How would you like to have a fitness expert on fat loss conduct a personal training session from the comfort of your own living room?

What if you could book an online Q&A with a nutritional expert who can break down your current diet, make changes for you, and give you a personalized full detail meal plan to follow? All from your living room!

I have GREAT news. We are now offering online sessions via Skype; this could be EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!

I’m motivated to help anyone with negative emotions, fear, self-pity; all of those things tie us down and suck the joy out of life. There is no quality more closely associated with unhappiness than the habit of blaming others for our difficulties. When I realized this 5 years ago I made a huge transformation. Whether your problem is joblessness, addiction, overspending, obesity, or a damaged personal relationship, you move closer to a solution the moment you say “I am responsible”. It’s impossible to say these three words and still feel angry. Want to change your life and solve your problems, starting today? Say three simple words: I AM RESPONSIBLE.



How can I help you? Here’s a rundown of what people have been booking us online for:

Nutritional Consultations

There’s so much bad information out there that confuses people, they think they are eating healthy but in reality they are not. If we were to sit down and discuss your diet I guarantee I can name at least 5 things you shouldn’t be eating, and 5 things you should replace them with. I will also reveal fat loss hacks to get you results even faster. 

Personal Training Sessions

Who needs a gym? That said from someone who owns a gym haha. I understand that some people are intimidated by gyms, I used to be the same way. Why not workout in the comfort and privacy of your own living room? I have hundreds of great exercises that will get you results, and all you need is your bodyweight to do them. My workouts have been described as CrossFit meeting P90X. As a reward for getting started on the new you, you’ll receive the “SHREDFAT INC DIETARY GUIDE” which includes a list a SHREDFAT approved foods, a meal plan, and trips & tricks on how to get rid of that pesky body fat. ALSO, you’ll be subscribed to the SHREDFAT newsletter which will provide you with great information, directly to your email every Monday morning.


Do you feel stuck in life? Whether you are stuck at a certain weight, or stuck at a job or relationship, I can help you dig yourself out of this rut. I’ve been there, and I’m never going back. Let’s sit down, talk, and figure out the best plan of attack to you on the right path.

Email me at to book your first session today!