04Mar 2015

It’s 10pm, you FINALLY got everything done at a manageable hour, the kids are asleep, your significant other is out cold, you rest your head on your pillow with a smile on your face because you know that tonight you are getting some good ol’ ZzZz’s! It is now 11:30pm and you are still wide awake. Well, there goes that […]

07Jan 2015

Listen, no matter what those advertisements say there isn’t a magic pill nor just one thing you can take to miraculously shred all that unwanted fat. I know this from experience trying out hundreds of different products/supplements over the years, and seeing my clients use many of these supplements as well. With that being said, if there was […]

14Mar 2013

Via The Shakeology Blog Our Food Technologist, Danielle Robertson is guest blogging! She is super-knowledgeable as her job is to help formulate Shakeology. Who better to teach us about energy properties in Shakeology than the science girl herself! Hi! Let’s begin by talking about what an ergogenic aid is — it’s something that increases the […]