26Jun 2017

Growing up I was always the fat kid. I was picked on. I wore t-shirts inside swimming pools. I lacked self esteem. It wasn’t until I was 24 years old that I decided to make a change. Fast forward 9 months after that decision, I completely transformed my mental and physical health. My transformation results […]

22Jun 2017

This week the American Heart Association made bold claims; you’ve probably seen headlines recently saying things like “Coconut oil ‘as unhealthy as beef fat and butter‘” or “A MAJOR HEALTH ORG JUST CALLED COCONUT OIL UNHEALTHY“. Before you throw out that jar of coconut oil, watch the video below. While the American Heart Association sought to “set the record straight” by […]

02Jun 2017

I remember when I was growing up I would watch Michael Jordan dominate the sport of basketball. I would think to myself, how did this human being achieve such greatness? Would I ever be able to achieve greatness? ?If you are fascinated with the greats of our time, from MJ, to Martin Luther King Jr, […]

01Jun 2017

It’s funny how us humans make things complicated. The creator of this planet, God, the Universe, whatever higher power you believe in, has put in place a beautiful world that we should be able to thrive in. Unfortunately, we don’t follow natures clues. Instead we go against mother nature… one thing I’ve learned in my […]

28Apr 2017

Harsh title isn’t it? I had to get your attention somehow. This will be the most eye opening, shocking, aha moment article that you’ve come across in a very long time… Have you ever acted against your better judgment? Ummmm, of course you have. We all have. Sometimes you do things that you later regret. And […]