07Jan 2015

Listen, no matter what those advertisements say there isn’t a magic pill nor just one thing you can take to miraculously shred all that unwanted fat. I know this from experience trying out hundreds of different products/supplements over the years, and seeing my clients use many of these supplements as well. With that being said, if there was […]

06Jan 2015

Feeling bloated doesn’t just happen by accident. Bloating gets in the way of your dating life, your exercise, your ability to get more accomplished, and so much more. When you are constantly bloated it makes you feel less confident, and completely changes the quality of your life. In fact, there are certain healthy foods that […]

09Dec 2014

It’s holiday fat gain season, a time when nearly everyone packs on a few pounds. Rather than joining the masses and loosening your belt another notch, use these 5 Fat Loss Hacks and avoid putting on a single pound.  ————————————————————————————————————————————————- Fat Loss Hack #1: At social events, eat fat and protein, stay away from carbs.  […]

29Nov 2014

Has your exercise routine gotten stale? Boredom with your routine quickly leads to shorter and shorter workouts, and then before you know it you’re skipping the gym altogether. While it’s common knowledge that the most effective exercise routines aren’t routine at all, most of us stumble through the same exercises every time we hit the […]

06Nov 2014

Music, the language of the soul, is as old as humanity. The therapeutic benefits of music can be traced back in time to ancient shamanistic rituals. Music, as tool of healing was recognized in the writings of Aristotle, Pythagoras and Plato. They believed that it can influence physical, emotional, cognitive and social well-being and improve […]